Airline Passengers Accidentally Emergency Landing in the Sea

In a recent incident, airline passengers were accidentally told that a plane was going to make an emergency landing. A slide was accidentally deployed from the plane, resulting in a delayed flight. The slide was deployed before the passengers boarded the flight. About two dozen people were accommodated on an alternative flight while the other passengers had to be relocated. The incident is still under investigation, but there has been no word yet on what caused the slide to be accidentally deployed.

Flight from Antalya, Turkey, to Wichita, Kansas
The incident occurred on a flight from Antalya, Turkey, to Wichita, Kansas, and involved an unnamed passenger who tried to open the plane’s emergency exit and climb onto the wing. The flight attendants were horrified when the incident took place. The airline has announced that the woman will be fined and a large financial penalty will be issued. The passenger was reportedly on drugs, but there was no evidence of drugs in her bloodstream.

British Airways apologized to the passengers for the mistake, but the error happened again in August 2010. Earlier this year, an Aer Lingus flight from London to Hong Kong made a similar mistake. As a result, the company apologized for the mistake and is considering a class action lawsuit. A judge will make a decision on whether the airline will pay a full settlement.

The NTSB’s technical investigation
The recording was of little help to the NTSB’s technical investigation, but it was of great emotional weight to the political reaction. The public questioned the airline industry. Standard reassurances failed to placate the public, and the NTSB and Congress got involved to investigate the incident. The accident prompted dozens of improvements to airline safety. The plane had logged nearly 39,000 hours at the time of the incident, and a few minutes later, passengers were advised to put on life vests.

The plane lost its left engine at 6:26 a.m. It was flying ninety miles away from the airport. The crew trimmed the plane to maximize its glide and started the descent at 1,200 feet per minute. An emergency windmill on the plane provided backup hydraulic power and minimal electrical power, allowing passengers to see what was happening. Emergency lighting was put on as normal cabin lights went out.

Greg Romero, a passenger of United Airlines
The two passengers who were accidentally informed that the plane was going to make an emergency landing on their flight were in shock. Greg Romero, a passenger of United Airlines, was traveling to New York when the door on the plane closed. She and his son, Dianne Callahan, heard sirens and screams coming from outside. They immediately started to panic.

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