Ed Sheeran made the music video in pre-war Kiev

Ed Sheeran Made the Music Video in Pre-War Kiev
Despite the war, Ed Sheeran still made his music video in pre-war Kiev. The singer has pledged to donate all of the record royalties from the music video to Ukraine’s Humanitarian Appeal. The music video features Ed and Lil Baby. In the video, Ed expresses his gratitude to Ukraine, calling it “a proud and resilient country.”

The song “2step” is the latest single to be released by the British singer. It has become the biggest selling song in the UK and has become the most-streamed song on Spotify. The singer has defended the song, saying that it is not a direct copy of Chokri’s song. However, there is a one-bar phrase in the song that resembles the song “Oh Why.” If the two songs were written by the same person, there is a possibility that the artists have copied each other’s work.

Sheeran had plagiarised
The lawsuit filed by Sami Chokri, a British DJ, claiming that Sheeran had plagiarised his song has been dismissed. The singer is a member of the British Psychedelic Furs. Chokri has also been accused of copyright infringement. The songwriter has denied all claims that his song is a copy. The High Court case was the most humiliating experience of Chokri’s life.

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