The Theaters for songkran day 2022

If you are looking for a place to watch an incredible Thai film, then you might want to check out the theaters for Songkran Day 2042. Songkran Day is the traditional Thai New Year festival that brings together family and friends to share the fun and celebration. The festival is celebrated in Thailand throughout the country, but some areas are more colorful and exciting than others. In Thailand, the most popular areas to celebrate this festival are Bangkok, Pattaya, Chiang Mai, and Phuket. The Songkran festival takes place throughout the country and it is particularly thrilling in these areas. Here are some of the theaters to watch on Songkran Day 2022.

festivals in Thailand 
One of the biggest festivals in Thailand takes place on April 15 and begins the evening of April 13. The dates are calculated by using the lunisolar calendar, which takes into account the Sun's movement through the zodiac and the moon's cycles. Songkran is celebrated every year in Thailand, turning cities into battlegrounds where water is sprayed by thousands of people. In Thailand, the festival is celebrated by turning cities into water battlegrounds and has become an integral part of the culture.

Originally, Songkran was held on April 13, but was postponed to limit travel during the holiday, which traditionally marks the start of the summer season. It is marked by street parties and water fights, and is marked by the arrival of millions of migrant workers, who travel home during Songkran. As long as the weather is dry, the movie theaters will be packed with Thai families.

traditional celebration
Thailand's Songkran Festival is a traditional celebration and the grandest event of the year. It is celebrated throughout the country, and is famous for its water fight, which originated from ancient cleansing rituals. During Songkran, Thai people immerse themselves in water, pouring fragrance on statues of Buddha, soaking the elderly, and even the streets. Thousands of water fights take place throughout Thailand, and there are some highly popular movies about this Thai festival.

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